The Warhol Strap

The Warhol Strap


The Warhol strap is a vintage classic leather strap.  This design was taken with the minimalist  and street photographer in mind.  Perfect for all types of film cameras and rangefinders, The Warhol was named with the instant photographer in mind.  Perfect for any rangefinder style camera and/or instant camera, The Warhol is a rugged strap that will meet your photographic needs.  Completely hand made, triple bound, and stamped no two are alike.

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Product Features

  • This strap comes in various sizes from 38 inches to 52 inches in length.
  • Each leather camera strap is made of full grain cowhide.  Beveled undersides for a comfortable feel and easy slide of swivel snap.  Neck/shoulder pad edges will be burnished and finished by hand.
  • Each strap is triple bound (glued, riveted, and hand stitched) to keep your equipment safe and secure.
  • Each Warhol strap is made of 7 0z hide and width of 3/4″.  The Neck pad is 12″x 1 3/4″ and 7oz thickness

Compatible Cameras: 

  • The Warhol Strap is compatible with all  Rangefinders, and Mirrorless Cameras on the market today
  • Compatible with Film SLR’s and Film Rangefinders.
  • Compatible with most instant cameras