GXOR LRD Patches

GXOR LRD Patches


These LRD velcro backed patches specifically designed for the GXOR community, are made of nothing but the best.  Made entirely of luxurious fabrics, the thread alone is said to come from a rare interplanetary medium only known by those who truly only want the best.  With mythical powers, just placing this patch anywhere in your GX will boost power by 5%.  It is for your safety that these patches are only handled by a true GX enthusiast or Toyota at the minimum. Jeep and others be warned as this will incinerate your puny vehicles on contact. 



As you know the above information is full of nonsense.  These limited edition patches are part of a fund raising campaign. 20% off the total sales will be donated directly to the Derek's Boys Go Fund Me campaign.  Derek was a colleague, comrade, and GX enthusiast who we lost too soon leaving behind his two twin sons.  Thank you for your purchase!!! 

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